As difficult as it can be to lose a loved one, it can become increasingly difficult if you are responsible for ensuring that the decedent’s wishes are followed. If you are appointed as executor of a relative’s will and charged with the distribution of their property and assets, a qualified attorney can make the entire process easier, more efficient and in order with the wishes of your loved one. An attorney from Kahle & Ramunni will also make sure that all of your legal rights, and those of the departed family member, are fully protected against any further legal complications.


  • Opening Estates and Guardianships
  • Garnering assets
  • Assisting with accountings
  • Will contests– what to do if someone contests the will of a loved one
  • Trusts
  • Living wills
  • Durable and Healthcare Powers of Attorney

The term probate is used to define the process by which the administration the personal property and financial estate of a deceased person is carried out. Waiting until a loved one has passed away to determine how their remaining assets are to be distributed can be a huge mistake. There are numerous steps you can initiate now in order to structure who receives what, and the time frame in which that happens. It is worth some time and effort now, so that you have peace of mind when the death of a family member occurs.

The team at Wilbur Smith will serve as the legal personal representative to clients in need of trust administrative services. When we are retained to act as the administrator of a trust or will, we perform all of the necessary duties relating to the proper execution of the will of the decedent while fully protecting the legal rights of their heirs and family.

Our duties will include conducting a full inventory of any physical property or assets of the decedent, notifying creditors and the public of the death, proper distribution of any property or physical assets left by the decedent to the estate’s heirs and creditors and handling all expenses related to funeral costs, family expenses, etc.

If you believe that a will of one of your family members is being improperly executed, that the decedent may have been improperly influenced by a beneficiary, or that the trustee or personal representative of a will should be removed due to performance or breach of duty, we can help. We offer honest, straightforward legal representation when you need it most.

We are intimately familiar with all Florida laws, regulatory requirements and statutes pertaining to the administration of will and estates. It is not uncommon for another party to contest the way the deceased person’s estate is being administered – the earlier you enlist the services of a Florida estate planning attorney, the better your chances are of avoiding additional emotional stress at your time of personal loss.