The process of obtaining a professional license in the state of Florida can be complicated and overwhelming for those who aren’t familiar with the system. The assistance of an administrative law attorney can make the process as fast, easy and uncomplicated as possible. Many licensees at one time or another may be sanctioned to disciplinary procedures. We can help guide you through that process and protect your rights.


  • Zoning
  • Land Use
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Adult Entertainment Licensing
  • DBPR Licensing Matters
  • Business Licensing Issues

Our team of attorneys will work to save you both time and money, by ensuring that all paperwork is filled out properly and regulations are followed, eliminating the need to go back and repeat steps.

The endless list of city, county, state and federal government agencies each impose their own unique set of rules and regulatory compliance standards. These can relate to your ability to obtain a specific type of permit, a professional license in your chosen field of employment, or a vast number of other legal ramifications. At Wilbur Smith, our in-depth understanding of exactly how each area of administrative law works throughout Southwest Florida allows us to obtain the most effective results on behalf of our clients.