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In the small town of Biscayne Park in Miami the ex-police chief and 2 other officers have been indicted on federal charges for framing a 16-year-old kid for 4 unsolved burglaries. Federal prosecutors say the motivation was to keep a perfect score for the small city’s crime rates.

It took 5 years to investigate but prosecutors found that the officers falsified reports in order to pin the crime on the teenager.

This case is an example of the growing mistrust communities are having in law enforcement. Because he was a teenager at the time we do not know the child’s name or how the case was disposed of but it’s hard to imagine that prosecutors charging the boy knew about this corruption if it took 5 years to come to light. This case is an example of asking yourself would you rather let a guilty man free or put an innocent one in jail. Clearly these officers wanted the latter as they didn’t care who’s lives they affected.

This is why it is important, when you are charged with a crime, to hire an attorney who will uncover the injustice and hold those who do it accountable.

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