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Grand Jury proceedings are private and those who participate are not allowed to reveal the nature of those proceedings. However, one Florida woman did just that and can now possibly be sent to prison. Leslie Lynn Heburn of Miami sent a copy of the indictment prosecutors planned to use against Rocky Dejesus Molina to Molina’s girlfriend via Facebook, warning her that Molina had been set up by an informant.


Florida Statute Chapter 905 deals with Grand Jury proceedings and all that takes place. Grand Jury Proceedings are usually held by prosecutors in secrecy where they present evidence and then determine if they have enough to charge someone with a crime based on the jury’s opinion. Jurors take an oath to keep all the information private.


Unlike a trial where the jury determines if someone is guilty or not, a grand jury is meant to determine if there are enough facts to charge someone. Grand Jury proceedings are not held in every case though.


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