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Fort Myers Domestic Violence Lawyers

Cape Coral Restraining Order Violation Attorneys

We recognize that this area of law is plagued by false allegations and tangled motivations. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, need to contest a court order or stand accused of violating one, we encourage you to consult our Fort Myers domestic violence attorneys.

When police "error on the side of caution," often making arrests based solely on one person's claims, many people pay an unjust price. Similarly, many protective orders are granted based on allegations that have not been investigated or carefully considered — and a violation leading to arrest and incarceration can occur because you were seen driving down a certain street.

A Domestic Violence Conviction Will Impact Many Aspects of Your Life

The Florida Department of Corrections website acknowledges that "domestic violence has many definitions." Prosecutors resist dismissing charges because they do not want to be associated with a subsequent tragic outcome. Even if you believe the charge against you cannot possibly hold up, working with a focused and determined defense lawyer is essential due to consequences that go beyond those for comparable nondomestic charges. These often include:

  • Mandatory jail time and attendance at a lengthy and costly counseling/intervention program
  • Readily enforceable restraining orders that restrict or prevent access to your home and children
  • A period of probation during which many of your life activities may be monitored and restricted
  • Loss of your right to possess a firearm while on probation — and revocation of a concealed weapons permit if you have one

Turn to Proven, Tenacious Defense Lawyers Focused on Your Best Interests

Our lawyers have decades of experience handling the unique situations that come into play in domestic violence cases — from entirely false claims lodged to win leverage in a divorce to protective order violations that defy common sense. Whatever your specific circumstances, you can count on us to respect your side of the story and do everything in our power to protect your rights.

Please do not delay consulting an attorney equipped to guide you through the legal system and ensure you understand the importance of each decision you make in this pivotal time. Contact us now for a consultation on your defense.

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