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Fort Myers Assault Charge Lawyers

Cape Coral Battery Defense Attorneys

Under Florida law, the general terms "assault" and "battery" cover vast territory and are not well understood by the general public. Many people are unaware that simply making a threat of violence can lead to an arrest for assault, for example, and that touching — not necessarily hitting — someone can be charged as battery.

As in other areas of the law, two or more similar offenses can dramatically increase penalties and jail time becomes a real possibility. This makes it critical for you to understand the charge against you and contest it in order to protect your record and your future. Because so much subjectivity is often involved in assault and battery arrests, your decision to contact a proven, skilled criminal defense lawyer can make a pivotal difference.

Accused of Violence, Unwanted Contact or Violating a Court Order?

We are Fort Myers assault charge attorneys with experience across the range of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • Misdemeanor assault or aggravated assault involving a weapon
  • First-offense battery — a misdemeanor — or any subsequent battery offense, which is a felony charge even if the accused did not contest the first charge
  • Aggravated battery with or without a firearm
  • Domestic violence in all forms
  • Violations of protective orders (sometimes called protective injunctions or restraining orders) by alleged acts ranging from physical violence to phone calls or going to a place frequented by the protected party

Our criminal defenders are equally well equipped to deal with allegations covered under other statutes such as stalking.

Get Sound Legal Guidance and Vigorous Defense of Your Future

If you are facing any assault, battery or domestic violence charge, simply taking your chances without legal counsel involves serious risk. Convictions on your record are barriers to employment and educational goals, and you may never get an opportunity to explain. Also, any subsequent offense — which could easily arise out of false allegations or other circumstances outside your control — could saddle you with a felony conviction and extremely harsh consequences.

Please seek experienced legal guidance as soon as possible after an assault or battery arrest in Florida. At The Wilbur Smith Law Firm, our mission includes helping people make the soundest possible decisions for their future, and our 40-year track record includes many productive efforts for people accused of criminal acts.

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