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Fort Myers Drunk Driving Accidents Involving Injuries

Cape Coral DUI Accident Attorneys

Under today's Florida laws, any alcohol-related driving offense is extremely serious. Facing even a first-offense, misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence (DUI) without a proven lawyer on your side is a huge risk. If you were involved in an accident and now stand accused of DUI with serious bodily injury, your freedom and future are definitely on the line.

Are You Facing Multiple Felony Charges and the Possibility of Prison Time?

Make no mistake: DUI with serious bodily injury is a felony offense, punishable with state prison time as well as severe consequences related to your driver's license and financial well-being. If you want an attorney who will work all angles in the effort to win an acquittal or negotiate an outcome you can live with, contact The Wilbur Smith Law Firm now.

The numbers of Fort Myers drunk driving accidents involving injuries remains shocking, and prosecutors put a high priority on convictions. It is critical to recognize that you may be facing multiple charges — and a jail sentence of five to seven years or longer — if more than one person was hurt. You need an attorney with the drive and courage to:

  • Thoroughly investigate all circumstances of your crash and arrest, in order to gather any evidence of law enforcement mistakes, misconduct or violations of your rights
  • Work proactively with your own and the felony DUI accident victims' insurance companies to make sure everyone injured receives proper medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Assertively challenge any overstatement of the seriousness of victims' injuries
  • Provide sound guidance as you work to show remorse and regret in ways likely to resonate with court officials or a jury, increasing your chance of avoiding or minimizing jail time
  • Take your defense all the way through a jury trial if necessary, bringing all evidence in your favor to bear on the case
  • Prepare diligently for trial in order to gain the best position to negotiate a favorable plea agreement if that is in the client's best interest

Put Us to Work Defending Your Future: 888-865-7054

Whatever the circumstances of your DUI arrest, and however badly you feel about what happened, now is the time to focus on your future and your loved ones. Our proven DUI/DWI defense lawyers have won many acquittals by exposing the facts and putting pressure on the state to prove its case.

Do not delay seeking qualified legal counsel in this serious situation. To talk through what we may be able to accomplish as your defense lawyers, call or e-mail our law firm now.

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